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Terms and Conditions

The purchaser has 30 days from date of payment to download up to 7 Downloads per course, workbook and eBook. These downloads can be made to one or several different devices. Take note of the website address of your individual receipt. You can go back to this link from any device to download copies. These downloads can be provided to others as a gift, a gift of knowledge. Your limit is 7 downloads per product. Downloads are not to be copied and distributed to others w/o the written approval of Ideas & Design Group, LLC. Anyone identified as breeching this policy will be in breech of the intellectual property rights of Ideas & Design Group, LLC publisher of the content of The One Course, its ancillary products and the intellectual property rights associated with the eBook – I Just Wanted to Fly. The authors of both intellectual properties will prosecute, to the fullest extent allowed by law, any breech of this agreement.